04 July 2012

Celebrations & Discoveries

Wednesday - Friday, 27th - 29th June

Birthday girl
Wednesday and finally some sunshine! After three days of drizzle and miserable weather we were finally able to take Mrs K. for a drive into the Park mid-afternoon.  Cosy with three adults in the Kubota but all added to the fun of discovering “new” areas of the Park – and nice to get out and about on Mrs K.’s birthday. We did, of course, start celebrations early in the day with champers and fresh orange juice to accompany home-made scones with jam and cream – yummy on such a dreary morning.

Cool, cool, dudes!
Our ‘safari driver’ took us along the track to Mistake Creek where we were able to check our red-claw net and check the feed in the pig trap.  He timed it just right on our return journey for all avid photographers to capture the first real sunset we had seen in two weeks – some lovely photos but we will have to wait until we get home to make them available for you to view – country ‘dial-up’ is really the pits and one wonders if these remote areas will ever be dragged into 21st century technology!

A ‘birthday’ dinner was naturally the order of the evening – home-made lasagne and salad followed by pavlova with chocolate cream and pineapple – all washed down with a couple of glasses of bubbly. 

Thursday was bright, sunny, and a day filled with laughter.  We travelled along some tracks that Mr and Mrs R. had not been on before – a little rough, bumpy, and muddy in parts, but the trusty little Kubota managed to get through it and once again we managed to get to Mistake Creek to gather a few more red-claw from the net.  Rule of thumb, apparently, is no red-claw in the months without an “r” but doesn’t seem to apply this season as we have enjoyed a few tasty morsels this past week.

Entertainment earlier in the week was provided by Park residents, The Roo Boys and Family.  Some great sparring and judo moves right in front of the Homestead, captured on video – the screening of which will take place after 8th August.

Little Eagle

Friday was our last opportunity to show Mrs K. a little more of the Park and we ventured into ‘unknown’ territory – only to find we had to turn back because of heavy debris on the track. Undaunted we continued onto another ‘new’ paddock to be entertained with Flights of Fancy starring Little Eagle, Whistling Kite, Basa, and an assembly of tiny wrens and finches.

As disappointing as the weather was earlier in the week, it was lovely to spend time with our youngest daughter – just a shame we were unable to spend more time out in the park with the cameras – maybe another year!

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