25 June 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

Woodswallows keeping warm

Today has been wet, cold and uneventful.  This is the first time we have experienced “bad” weather at Nairana.  The max temp has barely reached 15 degrees and it has been drizzle rain all day.

Despite the early morning cold and threatening rain Mrs R. chose to tackle the weekly wash in the not-so-modern twin tub machine – philosophy being that tomorrow will be sunny and not going to waste any time washing whilst the sun shines!!  Besides, it’s Monday – wash day!

Isn't this meant to be Central Queensland?

Mrs K. and her Da went for a “fun-run” in the Kubota – just to fill in time – but ‘it was exciting, except for getting wet and cold’ was the general verdict on their return.

Great day for stitching, cooking, reading, and a glass of Winter gluwein. Cheers one and all!

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