24 June 2012

Letter of Introduction

Hi everyone:  been a very busy week at Nairana with the park rangers staying at the homestead all week and we have been out and about in the park every day.  Our youngest daughter, Kristen, and hubby, Ben, arrived on Friday.  Ben returned to Dysart this morning but Kristen will be with us all week.  We shall have fun trekking around the park with her this week and celebrating her birthday on Wednesday.

I’m sure that many of you are wondering about our “loo-dwellers” mentioned in my last post, so I thought it appropriate to post the following letter of introduction that was composed by a previous caretaker  - he was Irish would you believe, but I am sure he would not mind me sharing the introduction with you. Enjoy, as we did when we first arrived.

Hello! My name is Graham – I’m a Green Tree Frog.
Graham - the Loo Dweller
Unlike those ugly toads who live in a bog
I live in these toilets, and I must confess
On odd occasions I make a little mess!

These toilets are moist, and they keep me cool,
But sometimes I still sneak a swim in the pool!
Please don’t be frightened cos I won’t bite
If you happen to wake me late at night.

I’ve lived in this building since it was new,
My brothers and sisters reside in here too!
You won’t hurt me by just using the “throne”,
I’m happy here, just leave me alone.
Determination and fortitude!

Many times I’m moved and sent on my way,
But I’m usually back by the end of the day,
So removing me from my home in the loo,
Is a waste of your time, and a pain to me too!

So don’t worry about me,
I won’t get in your way.
When you visit my home
You have a nice day!

Graham and his family are happily ensconced in the ‘throne room’ but since our arrival 10 days ago they have also endured the occasional ‘fun-park’ rollercoaster rapids ride!!

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