09 June 2012

The Adventure Begins - Tomorrow!

The journey begins in Toowoomba - 10th June 2012

    Only one more sleep and we'll be on our way to Nairana.  After more than a week of cleaning and preparations tomorrow can't come soon enough.  The Rambling Retirees are both very excited about the planned trip - Roc has everything in place in The Truck and Lallee has everything in order in and around the house ready for our house-sitters, Pat and Barrie.

Phantom has, of course, detected there is something going on - how often does the mistress clean from top to bottom? - only when they are going away for any length of time - oh my, another lot of "temporary visitors" to deal with.

May was a month full of lovely surprises and a lot of expenses.  June will be full of lovely travels - and hopefully not so many expenses!  

We wonder what, if any, changes have been made at Nairana in the past 12 months.  We do know there will be a funny little vehicle for us to drive around the Park - a Kubota side-by-side - looks very interesting and very much another "boys toy" - although I'm sure Kristen will want to have a drive to check it out, and I'm game to try it.
The road from Clermont to Nairana - 168km

As we are normally at Nairana at the end of Spring, it will be interesting to see the Park in a different season.  Maybe even get a little fishing in this time as there has been quite a lot of recent rainfall in the area.  

Well, we have three days travel before we get to Nairana when all will be revealed.

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