14 June 2012

Travellin' Light

Early days – 

Our adventure has begun with our first stopover at Lake Murphy.  Despite the wet, windy, and cold start to our road trip our enthusiasm was not dampened.  It was a rather slippery and muddy arrival at Lake Murphy and it rained all night – it stopped just long enough on our arrival for us to erect the tent without getting wet.  Didn’t last long though and the Rambling Retirees slept under a tarp the first night due to a few “leaks” in their humble abode.  No worries though as the sun shone bright and warm on Monday and we enjoyed a 4km walk around the park after a shorter walk to the lake.  Our second night was much drier and no tarp required!

Lake Murphy is a very unusual water area as it only contains water when the nearby Robinson Creek floods – and as there had been quite a bit of flooding in the area over the past few months, the lake was full and the birdlife was amazing.  There were large numbers of pelicans and black swans but the highlights were the sightings of a Little Eagle in the trees above us and three Kingfishers in a dead log on the lake.

We met a lovely couple at the campsite – Anne and David – who happen to have a daughter living in Toowoomba – such a small world when travelling light.

The journey from Lake Murphy to Capella on Tuesday was made under glorious clear skies. Our stopover was some pretty average accommodation at the Capella Hotel Motel in what they called an “arcade room”. It was an expensive bed but the meal at the pub was very good and it was wonderful to enjoy a hot shower. 

After a “late” start from Capella (8am), and a stop at Clermont for induction and grocery shopping, we finally arrived at Nairana at about 2pm.  How wonderful to be “home” – one can almost embrace the peace and quiet with little to disturb it but the sound of birds – not a breeze to be felt only the warmth of the afternoon sun on your skin – a wonderful, wonderful beginning to our 9 weeks in paradise.

AFTERTHOUGHT:  There is a “downside” to Nairana – we only have a very, very, very, slow dial-up internet access – so no photos in our blog and not sure how often I will be able to update – will try my best to update every two or three days – maybe short entries might work the best.  Stay tuned for more news in a couple of days.

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