04 July 2012

'Big Smoke' break

Time Away – Monday, 2nd July

Aliens, Aliens!
We have now been at Nairana for three weeks – half way through our time away.  Our tasks to date have been easy to complete but there is a little bit of work to be completed over the next four weeks - starting with the repainting of the kitchen cupboard doors.  Looks like the aliens have hit the Park!!

We have enjoyed the solitude and quiet of the Park, broken only by the short visits of the Rangers and the lovely visit of Mrs K.  Food supplies – and drink supplies – are now reaching the lower end of isolated survival and it is time to make a short trip back to the ‘real’ world!

 ‘Real’ World Time – Wednesday, 4th July

 Independence Day – Bastille Day – Townsville Day!!!  Here we are in the ‘big smoke’ visiting our lovely friends, Mr and Mrs P.  

After a very, very cool start to the day yesterday (minus 1 degrees) we packed up The Truck, shut up the Homestead, and headed north.  We were astonished by the amount of Road Kill we witnessed between Nairana and Charters Towers – obviously the excellent wet season experienced in the area over the past 12 months has increased the number of roos in the region.  The raptors (mainly Whistling Kites and Square-tail Kites) have a smorgasbord of meat to choose from. The region is lush and the cattle fat and plentiful.  Some of the landowners have actually replaced fencing and gates along their properties so they must also be gaining some benefit of the very good seasonal weather.

A short stop in ‘Charlie’s Trousers’ and Mr R. is once again happily smokin’ a peace pipe!  A very beautiful and historical town, a visit to CT is always a way of easing into the ‘big smoke’ lifestyle.

Our first evening, as always, was spent just catching up and for the two quilters it was time for Show and Tell and for the male species it was time to enjoy a few good wines and ‘talk the talk’.  Little realising the time, it was almost midnight before we headed for bed.  Overnight temps in Townsville were cool, to say the least.  With only 8 degrees registering it was a night to snuggle down under one of Mrs P.’s lovely quilts.

Today two creative Mrs’ joined forces and headed off for some girlie time together.  Wow, definitely feels like being in the ‘big smoke’.  Off in the little Focus we followed the plan we had made last night, only to find our first stop (a 2nd hand book store) was a dud.  However, undeterred we headed straight for the Quilters Blessing and Scrapbook Heaven where we were undoubtedly comforted by the endless creative possibilities presented to us.

Laden with materials, of varying species, we headed off for a comfort stop, coffee and lunch at the nearest Coffee Club.   Surprise, surprise – CC was located conveniently in the Domain Centre with opportunities galore to explore more ‘girlie’ purchases.

All in all, a very relaxing but motivating day in the ‘big smoke’ – just a taster of more to come tomorrow.  

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