16 July 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

Sunday 15th July – Yep! Those heavy, black, threatening clouds dumped a good 30 plus mm of rain on us during the night and throughout the day.  If the tracks were boggy after the last rainfall, they will now be impassable for at least a week unless the sun shines every day to dry out the ground. 

Sunday was another ‘non-event’ day as it was too wet and humid to even paint the kitchen doors.  So Mrs R. was able to justify spending the day stitching and Mr R. worked on his digital photos most of the day.  We did make a trip to Belyando Crossing for Mr R. to have a Works burger for lunch and even getting from the Homestead to the main road needed a little careful driving after a few sideways slides.  The river has definitely risen in the past week and there was evidence of a vehicle having been bogged on the side of the road.

Another wet weather activity – jigsaw puzzles!  We started the 1000 piece jigsaw earlier in the week when it was wet, so Sunday was a good day to complete this one.  A little ‘puzzling’ for Mr R. when putting in the last six sky pieces as for some reason they refused to fit in the empty spaces.  A little further investigation solved the mystery – Mrs R. had put the outside edge pieces together incorrectly – or so Mr. R. claimed!  Puzzle number two will be on the table if the inclement weather continues this week.

Monday 16th July – The morning shone bright and clear although somewhat cooler with a souwesterly wind blowing.  Still, warm clothes and hot coffee got us off to a labour-intensive day.

More cupboard doors were prepped and painted and at the end of the day one door had been rehung.  Looks like we’ll get that painting finished after all.  Before and after photos to be posted when all is completed.


Late afternoon Mrs R. took a walk along the Homestead Dam track, and a short distance along the Mistake Creek track. Armed with camera it was not surprising to find a rather water-logged track and the little creek filled with water.  Don't be deceived by what looks like only a little water on the side - it is seriously boggy all along that track!  May be  more than a week for all this to dry out and be navigable in the Kubota again – and yes, you do hear a cry of despondency, as we have only 10 days before we leave the beauty and solitude of Nairana NP.!

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