14 July 2012

Wet weather deters us not!

Alternative Activities

Track to Lake Eliza from Homestead
The rains have certainly curtailed our outings around the park this week.  We ventured out for a very short distance on Thursday and again on Friday.  The tracks to Lake Eliza and Mistake Creek are soft and boggy, and even the Kubota was sinking a little in the not so boggy areas.  We did, however, manage a couple of hours out in the park on Friday. We drove as far as we could and then hiked into the surrounding bush area.

Despite the rains, or maybe because of, there are some beautiful flowering trees in the park and a lot more small birds around.  We observed some wedge-tail eagles circling over the Homestead, and some beautiful, wee, plum headed wrens on the track home on Thursday.  There have also been a number of different birds around the Homestead grounds including a Golden Oriole, little friarbird,  brown honeyeater, and this morning Mrs R. spotted an emu on the track in front of the Homestead.

The rains have also brought out the magnificent golden colour of the wattle trees, and a number of different fungi on fallen branches.  So being wet is not always a negative in the park!

Confined to quarters a little more meant we finally started the task of re-painting the kitchen cupboards in the Homestead.  As you can see from the photos, the original colours were certainly not bright or cheerful.  When finished the surrounds will be painted a lime white, and the doors will be ice blue.  The old paint has to be stripped first (it is lead based of course) – that’s Mr R.’s job.  The doors are now being undercoated – that’s Mrs. R.’s job.  And if the rains stay away for the next few days we will be able to put final paint on before the end of the week when the Ranger will be visiting again.  It’s a fairly time-consuming task, but we have been asking to do it for the past three years that we have been coming here.

Very humid today but so far no further precipitation, so Mrs R. tackled the twin-tub monster, and undercoated another two doors, whilst Mr R. finished sugar-soaping one cupboard and stripping more doors, and attempted to start the un-cooperative ride-on mower.

At the time of publishing this post there are very heavy, dark clouds approaching.  Rain threatens but we will remain undaunted.

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