11 July 2012

The rain continues

Tuesday - Another wet day!
Very unseasonal we have been told – just not the usual weather patterns – never rains this time of year, usually!!  Oh, well – what more can one do than take advantage of such an unusual situation. So, Mrs R. did just that yesterday.

Having been woken at 4.30am to an extremely heavy rain sound on the tin roof, when the body did finally wake fully at 7.30am the decision had been made.  It was to be a ‘forced’ day of rest and relaxation, which, to be quite truthful, was really not a bad idea.

Mr R. decided it was a bacon and eggs morning and the benefit of that was Mrs R. had breakfast in bed. What better way to start a day of rest? After breakfast it was all play and no work, in the clean sense of the statement though.

Out came all the stitchery paraphernalia – threads, needles, charts, fabrics, and a quilt Mrs R. is hoping to finish before leaving Nairana.  Wow, amazing how much one can achieve under ‘forced’ rest conditions.  That quilt WILL be finished before we leave here. And Mrs R. thoroughly enjoyed her day stitching tucked up in a warm bed in her new flannie PJs!!!!

Although yesterday was wet, Monday had been a gloriously mild day and we took advantage of the good weather and explored the southern end of the park.  We had attempted this part of the park when Mrs K. was here but at that time it was still a bit on the boggy side, so we had only covered part of the area.

Monday we trekked a good 40kms from start to finish.  We were delighted to spot a few new bird species amongst the familiar ( rainbow bee-eaters, wedge-tail eagles, pied heron, letterwing kite, and the little wood-swallow).  We will definitely have a choice of birds for our first volume of Flights of Fancy when we return home. The Nankeen Night Heron is in full voice at the moment and Mr R. would love to add a photo of that bird to his list. Feel free to check out the new photos on the Nairana Gallery page opposite.

Whilst on our trek Monday we finally discovered Corduroy Crossing, which is where we would be able to cross Mistake Creek to investigate the western paddocks.  Monday the creek would have been low enough to cross but after the rain yesterday there would be no chance to crossing now without getting bogged.  So we will have to wait another week (as long as there is no more rain) before going through the creek.

On the same track we came across a very old wild boar.  He was alone, ambling along the track minding his own business.  He didn’t seem to hear the Kubota when we were behind him and we think he may have been abandoned by the pack.  When he did finally see and hear us he bolted through the trees towards the creek.

Wattle trees at sthn end of Kapunda track

The southern and eastern areas of the park are awash with brilliant yellow at the moment with all the wattle trees in bloom.

 There are a lot of cattle in that part of the park and we would have counted at least 30 head on our drive. The Ranger is not as concerned this year as they are at least keeping the undergrowth down after such a long wet season with exceptional growth all over the park.

Pig trap had been raided again over a two day period, but not much point in setting the trap with the rain as we can’t access that part of the park – too boggy.  So that may now be a task for next week.

Well skies are grey once again this evening, with more rain pending.  At least it eased off this morning and afternoon and we were able to go for a short walk.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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