25 March 2013

Time Flies By

Almost another month has passed and things are beginning to get a little more frantic in the house as we prepare for our upcoming adventures.

The Old Grey One is happy with the purchases made over the past month in preparation for our trip out west - a fridge/freezer (that will make my life easier for cooking meals); some adapter thing for the dual battery (so we don't get a flat battery running the fridge I think); and a solar panel (to assist in charging our battery operated equipment); and the little woman bought a food-saver machine - vacuum seals meats, veg, etc. for longer lasting whilst travelling.

The fourbie is already partially packed but there is still a lot to do around the house in preparation for the arrival of our house-sitters.

However, this coming week will be extremely busy with preparations for our fund-raising event on Sunday.  Unfortunately the whole thing looks like a bit of a fizzler for me.  After sending out almost 50 invitations there have only been 19 replies with only 7 of those replies being acceptance to attend (a total of 10 people attending).  Very disappointing after my excitement about the planning of such an elegant event. Never mind - just means less cooking for me I guess!

A definite POSITIVE from all this is that The Old Grey One has been working hard in the garden to bring it up to scratch and it looks FANTASTIC - especially after the storms last night. I think he was secretly looking forward to having a large group here too.

The next three weeks will just fly by. After our fund-raiser on Sunday we have a wedding shoot on 6th April - have been out practicing with my new camera just for that day.  We had a fab day at Boyce Gardens in Toowoomba, where I spent a great deal of time photographing (or trying to anyway) a satin bower bird in its bower.  Not sure that bird photography will be one of my greatest photographic talents but it was worth spending the time learning different aspects of my camera.

After the wedding shoot I have a two-day embroidery workshop (8th & 9th) and the following week we will be on our way for our western adventure. And so, time flies by.

For all those interested in following our travels, we will have a new blog site and this current home blog will go into "recession" until we return in August.  

Interested?  Then leave us a comment and we'll be sure to stay in touch through our Travel Blog - The Rambling Retirees.

I shall probably post again after the wedding shoot.

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  1. Hope the afternoon tea event did not get washed out too much- I gave you a thought when the rain came tumbling down. I am sure you will have fun with the camera on your travels and it will be interesting to see your photos.
    Travel safe.