10 March 2013

And a "Happy Birthday" it was

Another year has somehow managed to slip away from me - but no damage done!

What a lovely day, despite the foggy damp start to the morning and well into the afternoon, my very own day had some beautiful, sunshiney moments.  More happy memories to add to my book of life.

Breakfast in bed - something I have always treasured as marking special days - was my first 'gift' and provided a leisurely start to the day.  Time to read, have a manicure, a long hot shower and time to open a big brown box that had arrived from Sarina three days ago, but I was forbidden to open it, or even peak, until Saturday morning.

What a lovely gift inside - a beautiful teapot and teacup with a very special message attached.  Thank you Mr & Mrs K. - it will certainly play a part in our upcoming High Tea and Garden Party Affair at the end of March.

Of course, the 'Older Crafty One' spoiled me with his gift - a wonderful digital camera.  A Canon 1100D - wow, will I be taking some great photo memories with that little beauty.  Watch this space over the next few months.

Messages galore came through from Facebook all day long.  Thank you to all those that posted messages - I love this tech era where everything comes on your mobile phone! 

It was our 'rostered' day at the Toowoomba Visitor Information Centre so there were no plans for lunch.  However, Margot and Jo at the Centre, certainly didn't miss the opportunity to make my day even more special.  Afternoon tea was a lovely surprise with a musical birthday candle surrounded by three strawberry cupcakes and yummy star shaped sweets - I even had my very own birthday sash for the afternoon.  Thank you ladies, it was fun.

Apparently we were going out for dinner with our friends and neighbours, Robyn and Clayton, as a surprise but unfortunately the Old Grey One hurt his back during the day and we cancelled the dinner date.  However, not to be denied a special dinner, the birthday girl ordered Thai takeaway and invited Mr & Mrs B to join in the celebrations around our special dining table.  We had a lovely evening - even better than it would have been going out.

Looks like it might be my turn to play Carer for the next few days until the Old Grey One is back to normal duties - always interesting in the Rayward house.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday wishes. Looks like you had a good day, I am sure you will have many hours of enjoyment from these gifts.