15 January 2012

New Year Expectations

Wow! -- it looks like 2012 will be another fast moving year - already into the second week!
Our New Year's Eve celebration was a night to remember and certainly very different from those celebrated in more recent years.  We celebrated in style (as one should at our age!) at the inaugural masquerade party at Toowoomba's top seafood restaurant - Weis.  With a fantastic seafood smorgasbord and all you could drink from 6pm until 11.30pm it seemed the perfect way to see out the old and welcome the new.  We even won a $100 voucher for spending at Joyce Mayne's electrical store - looks like we get that cuppaccino machine after all.  Photos for all to see on the Christmas traditions page.

No New Year's resolutions for this gal - only GOALS this year - and many of those of course.  The first being the development and maintenance of this blog for the interest of family and friends.  My goal is to ensure that the blog is regularly updated with our activities during the year, including photographs of interest.  Sometimes my entry may only include photos of my craft work, other times I will include photos of our travels and any other interesting subjects found.

Other goals for 2012 include sorting through and sending all those unwanted, unloved, and long forgotten items in the wardrobes and drawers, to charity stores where someone can make use of them; promoting a healthy lifestyle for the Rambling Retirees (which may include losing a little weight but no promises there!); sorting through all our wonderful photos and creating a few scrapbook pages of interest.

Some of my Christmas gifts for 2011 were handmade, and I believe the recipients were delighted with them, so I hope to continue along those lines for Christmas this year and have already started work on gifts for family and friends.  I'll be busy quilting this year with a number of projects to complete - a queen bed quilt for our bed; two baby quilts for new babies due end of Feb beginning of March; and a few other "secret" projects that I shall reveal sometime throughout the year. Meanwhile there will be some photos up on my new Crafty Miss page for all to enjoy.

That's all for now - so until the beginning of February, when I next update the blog - Enjoy life to the fullest!

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