27 September 2012

Out and About

Since departing Nairana at the end of July life for the Rambling Retirees has been extremely busy.

Beach waves

Rock pool exploring

On the Beach 4WD

Sea Eagle
We left Nairana and travelled across country to Sarina to spend a couple of days with Mr and Mrs K. - the couple of days extended into eight days before we headed home.  For the first time in this area we did a few "touristy" things - a tour of the local sugar factory, complete with tastings; the botanic gardens; Cape Hillsborough; Mackay shopping; shell collecting on the local beaches;  We also took a little bit of time out to see some of the spectacular rainforest and coastal areas - including a trip to Cape Palmerston where we experienced our first 4WD trip across the sand!  Ever in the 'bird-watch' mode we espied some beautiful sea-eagles and Steve once again wished for a bigger lens!
Finch Hatton Gorge

Finch Hatton Approach
A day out with Mrs K. driving gave Mr. R. a few more grey hairs but we certainly enjoyed a beautiful day at Cape Hillsborough walking on the beach and exploring the rock pools.

On our trip to Finch Hatton Gorge we were lucky enough to see a loaded sugar-cane train crossing the river.  As we had been to the local miniature sugar factory in Sarina it was interesting to see the  associated machinery cutting and transporting the cane from local farms. 

A short trip into Mackay and we enjoyed a lovely day wandering through the small but interesting botanic gardens - it really is a lovely area in the North.

Cania Gorge walks
Leaving Sarina on the Sunday morning before we were due back in Toowoomba we decided to drive as far as Cania Gorge to make a stopover. That was a wonderful choice as we had never been to Cania Gorge and with just a one night there we have decided to make a mid-week camping trip back there either later this year or March next year.

Cania Gorge Cabin
Time as slipped by very quickly since our return and as always, when one gets older, one starts to lose track of days, then weeks between events!  We are now at the end of September, actually TWO months since our return and it has been hectic.

Not long after our return from the wilderness our lovely Auntie arrived from the UK to spend ten weeks with us.  Being her first, and no doubt only, trip to Australia we do, of course, want to show her as much as we can during her visit.  Luckily for us September is our local Carnival of Flowers time and the gardens all around our beautiful city are just splendidly full of colour.  There are lots of private gardens open to the public following the judging of the garden competition and our public parks are just brimming with floral displays. So plenty to see locally during September and October.

Although I am only now updating our blog, we thought you might like to share in our excursions with Auntie during her visit - so -

More to come. 

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